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    CoMet® Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: How do I find a CoMet Recovery Cylinder?
    A: The CoMet RC50 can be ordered through your local AMTROL Plumbing & Heating distributor. For help locating a distributor or to see a demo, a list of AMTROL sales representatives is available on our web site. Remember, the CoMet is brand new and your distributor may not yet be aware of the product. Don't be afraid to ask them to order one; it's the only way new products can grow!

    Q: I use a cylinder exchange program. How can I ensure that I keep my CoMet?
    A: AMTROL is working daily to grow the CoMet as part of mainstream exchange programs. If your program does not yet have the CoMet, we recommend simply transferring refrigerant into standard steel cylinders for exchange. Alternatively, some services will tag your CoMet, ensuring you receive your cylinder back.

    Q: Will the CoMet work with high-pressure refrigerants like R410A?
    A: Yes! The Comet is rated to 400psig, making it capable of recovering R410A as well as CFC, HCFC and HFC refrigerants traditionally recovered in steel cylinders.

    Q: How does tank recertification work?
    A: AMTROL makes it simple. The CoMet conforms to US Department of Transportation (DOT) standards. Just like steel recovery cylinders, the CoMet should be recertified every five years. This testing can be provided by any DOT Certified test facility that currently recertifies steel cylinders.

    Q: I am interested in incorporating CoMet in my existing exchange program. Can AMTROL help?
    A: Yes! AMTROL has over 30 years of experience in recovery cylinders and works closely with exchange centers and reclaimers. Please contact your sales representative to learn how we can assist your program.

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